Official Document Generation

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Our self service kiosk for document generation, incorporating revolutionary features such as a stamping mechanism

Total Care Platform

The ultimate software for remote monitoring & management of your installed self service network

Self Service Solution

SmartNET Framework

A high-level collection of software components, emulators and device drivers, in order to help you minimize development effort

Consulting & Developer Training

Supporting partners, through consulting and training sessions on our Kiosk Application Development Framework

Solution Functionality:

  • User Identification - via RFID/NFC Reader, Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, On-Screen Keyboard, Physical Keyboard or Numpad
  • Document Scanning - via an A4 double sided color scanner, in case scanning a document is mandatory for the procedure
  • Document Return - the scanned document returns to the user upon scan completion
  • Workflow Initiation - an image of the scanned documents can be forwarded to a set of predefined recipients
  • Document Printing - in A4 size with option from 2 paper trays, thus giving the flexibility of different letterheads for different uses
  • Stamping Mechanism - designed & integrated by Unixfor, it accurately stamps the document and turns it official
  • Document/Certificate Delivery - via a unique Paper Transport with Retract mechanism, designed & integrated by Unixfor

ADSS PAS: Official Document Generation Kiosk

Self Service Official Document Generation

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