Custom Projects

Unixfor strongly stands behind its motto of transforming your business vision into reality!

Designing and implementing a tailor-made project requires deep know-how, long experience, constant research & development and the right tools, in order to succeed. In case your particular needs cannot be completely fulfilled by our ready-to-run portfolio of self service solutions, we can work together to build a custom project specifically tailored to you! In order to achieve that, we use cutting-edge technologies in mechanical and electronic components design. Furthermore, we precisely follow all the directions necessary, as mentioned in our ISO certifications, so as to ensure high quality of our deliverables and environmental-friendly processes. Finally, we implement strict quality control procedures throughout the production cycle, while our products conform to all necessary certifications and verifications. But, what do we mean exactly when we refer to “custom projects”? We have identified the following three potential scenarios:

A slight alteration of an existing solution from our offerings, either in its Software or its Hardware part

A more in-depth modification of an existing solution, both in Software & Hardware

A brand new self service solution

Indicative Projects


Our 40 years of self service expertise & experience will help you realize your true needs & create the proper strategy.


Functionality, usability & special features of the Software or the Hardware components of the total solution are discussed.


In-house kiosk design & manufacturing & software application development ensure maximum quality.


An initial number of self service systems are deployed with guidance, assistance & support from our side


Every desired or necessary change/modification occurs after the valuable feedback from the pilot and before the roll-out


We execute the roll-out plan of the self service systems as agreed and we enter the support phase

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