Privacy policy

Unixfor S.A takes the treatment of your personal data very seriously and for that reason it conforms to Law 2472/97 in force, of the Personal Data Protection Authority, applicable to the personal data bases, as well as to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).


Unixfor S.A commits itself to the full enforcement of the applicable laws and European regulations by taking account of the adoption of the appropriate technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal data.


Browsing our website


You can browse our website without providing any personal information.


Unixfor S.A collects personal data of its visitors / users, only when they provide them voluntarily.


Specific care is taken for the data collected with the help of cookies files (Read more in our Cookies Policy). Due to frequent and vast changes made in technology, as well as the relevant attempts of the legislature to keep pace with these changes, Unixfor S.A is bound to inform you on any modification made in its personal data management policy.


If visitors/users object to this policy, they must terminate and avoid browsing the web page.


Data keeping and processing principles


Unixfor S.A is bound to make every effort in order to safeguard the privacy of your data. Therefore, it may not transfer them to any third party (either a natural or legal person), for any reason whatsoever, except where Law provides otherwise, and exclusively to the competent authorities and upon a relevant request or if you have given your consent.


Minor visitors shall have access to our services only upon their parental or guardian consent, while, personal data are submitted by minors, Unixfor S.A. will delete all relevant information. Unixfor S.A. shall have no liability in case of submitting false information or data of minors, but, however, it will immediately update and delete them from its website.


Visitors/users may, at any time, contact the administrators of the website unixfor{@} (remove brackets for sending an e-mail) in order to find out if there is a record of their data, and may change and delete them from the lists, whenever they so wish.


Unixfor S.A. keeps records of the personal data of users solely for communication reasons. In the context of an ongoing optimisation of the services and information provided, it may process, under strict conditions of confidentiality and anonymity, part or all of the data you have sent for statistical and financial purposes.


The personal data we collect


Information automatically stored –cookies


Unixfor S.A. uses “cookies” only for facilitating the use of our website. Cookies are small data / text files stored by your browser in the hard disk of your computer and are necessary for the use of our website.


We use cookies in order to better understand the use of our website and also improve your browsing experience.


Cookies help us, for instance, to determine if you have already visited a page of our site. Cookies may also inform us if you have visited our site in the past or if you are a new visitor.


We use cookies that do not store personal data or personal information that can lead to the identification of the person to whom this data/information relates and which have otherwise been collected.


If you do not wish to have your information collected through cookies, please set the Internet browser accordingly in order to delete all the current cookies from the hard disk of your computer, block all future cookies and receive a warning before a cookie is stored (Read more in our Cookies Policy).




Unixfor S.A. shall regularly send newsletters to its subscribed users according to their interests.


The Newsletter service shall be provided through the company (an automated communication platform).


We provide the Newsletter service to those visitors/users who wish so, after having previously filled in the relevant form with their email and/or name, as long as they want it, and only then.


In this way, visitors/users are subscribed to Newsletter service but, this shall in no event means that they acquire intellectual property rights, which are in any case protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and International law and belong exclusively to the company.


In relation to this, information is collected only for the above stated reason and the web page users declare that they give their explicit consent for data processing, by filling out the relevant form.


In every Newsletter you receive from the automated platform MaiChimp, you may unsubscribe or update your personal data through providing a relevant link at the end of the email.


Unixfor S.A. reserves the right to delete any recipient from the newsletter lists without any justification whatsoever. The users of the web page who provide their personal data have the same right.


The administrators of Unixfor S.A. make every possible effort to ensure the smooth functioning of newsletters; however, it is always likely that technical or organisational problems occur.


For any question, as well as for any relevant information about the newsletter features, please contact us at unixfor{@} (remove brackets for sending an e-mail)


Messages via the contact platform


You may submit your message in Unixfor S.A. either via the general contact form or through dedicated contact forms which are located in the web pages of the services and/or products.


By submitting your message via any contact form to Unixfor S.A., you accept these Terms in relation to the use of your personal data (name, e-mail) by Unixfor S.A.


Unixfor S.A. is bound neither to use this information for marketing purposes nor to transfer them to third parties.


IP Addresses


Unixfor S.A. may locate the IP address through which the computer or any other electronic device obtains access to the Internet and, then, to Unixfor S.A., and such information is processed for statistical purposes.


In cases where the browser seeks authorisation for receiving your location from our website, this data shall be used for providing customised information.


In any event, you may withdraw your permission at any time by changing your browser settings.


If you choose not to give your permission, then, your access to certain services of Unixfor S.A. may not be possible.




Through appropriate links in Unixfor S.A., access may be provided to third-party websites.


These links have been installed with sole purpose to facilitate visitors/users during their navigation in the Internet.


The content of the websites indicated with a link does not in any way constitute an indication of acceptance or approval thereof.


Each link leads to a different website and its navigation is subject to the Term of Use of this website.


Unixfor S.A. shall have no liability whatsoever in terms of the content and the personal data management policy of the website indicated with a link.


Access by using the links provided to each website takes place under the sole responsibility of the user.


Storage time of your data


Data provided by you will be kept/stored by us only for the time period required for fulfilling the purpose for which you shared your data with us and in conformation with the underlying legislative provisions.


If you have provided us with your explicit consent to use your personal data for advertising purposes (subscription to the Newsletter), we will use your data to this end until you withdraw your consent. In this case, it is explicitly declared that your personal data may be given to third parties for commercial purposes and only with your consent which you may, at any time, withdraw.


In relation to the data collected for the aforementioned reasons, the web page users declare that they give their explicit consent for their data processing by filling out and submitting the relevant form.


Communication, request for information, consent withdrawal, blocking, erasion


You may, at any time and without cost, to object to the use of your personal data for the future, ask their complete deletion or ask for information about your personal data stored by us or their correction.


You may send an email with your request at unixfor{@} (remove brackets for sending an e-mail) or use the general contact form on our website.


Personal Data Safety


Unixfor S.A. acknowledges the safety of data as a major issue, and, for this reason, all the necessary organisational and safety measures are taken, as well as the most appropriate technical mechanisms protecting the content are implemented, with the aim to provide user with the safest possible environment, pursuant to the respective legislative provisions.


Unixfor S.A. protects visitors/users from any interception of data by using the SSL-256 bit encryption method. The encryption applies to all stages and procedures of dealing and sending personal data-information.


Through its designers and administrators, Unixfor S.A. makes every possible effort in order to develop, update and optimise the services provided and the web site, in general.


However, there is always possibility that errors/ malfunctions/ interruptions occur in the content of the website and/or viruses or other malware emerge either from the site or its server. The company shall have no liability if the user’s computer has been infected by malicious software while their data are transferred to third parties.


Updating and modification


The Company reserves the right to amend/ update individual parts of this Policy without having the obligation to previously inform you. Please, always read Personal Data Protection Policy before using our website in oder to be informed about the latest version of this Policy in case of any amendments or updates.


Last update on Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy: June 2018