Document Generation

The accelerated pace of digitization of b2c and g2c transactions over the past few years has delivered great results for people, companies and the environment. However, we are still far from creating a fully “paperless” society for reasons varying from technical and legal complexity to social inclusion and diversity.


At Unixfor we aim to embrace the benefits of digital advancements and translate them into technology solutions that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Our ADSS PAS family of kiosks has been designed as Unixfor’s proposition for companies and organizations that wish to improve quality and efficiency when it comes to the physical delivery of official documentation.

Public service providers
Campuses & educational institutes
Insurance providers
Financial Institutions
HR management companies

Build your solution with:


Our self service kiosk for document generation with optional prior payment or scanning

Total Care Platform

Total Care is an ultimate cloud-based software platform for remote monitoring & management of your installed self service network

SmartNET Framework

SmartNET framework offers you a high-level collection of software components, emulators and device drivers, in order to help you minimize development effort

Consulting & Developer Training

Supporting partners, through consulting and training sessions on our Kiosk Application Development Framework

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ADSS PAS: Document Generation Kiosk

Configuration with cash and card payments

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Basic features of ADSS PAS: Document Generation Kiosk

User Identification - via RFID/NFC Reader, Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, On-Screen Keyboard, Physical Keyboard or Numpad

Document Scanning - via an A4 double sided color scanner, in case scanning a document is mandatory for the procedure

Document Return - the scanned document returns to the user upon scan completion

Payment - using either credit/debit cards or banknotes, in case payment is mandatory for the transaction

Workflow Initiation - an image of the scanned documents can be forwarded to a set of predefined recipients

Document Printing - in A4 size with option from 2 paper trays, thus giving the flexibility of different letterheads for different uses

Document Stamping- physical stamp adding an extra authenticity factor to generated documents

Document/Certificate Delivery - via a unique Paper Transport with Retract mechanism, designed & integrated by Unixfor


Government to Citizen

Business to Consumer

Business to Employee

Benefits for the company/organisation

Increase revenue by operating 24/7

Expand your presence geographically

Reorganize personnel to improve efficiency

Improve your company's or your organisation's image

Benefits for our partner

Expand your portfolio range with Self Service Solutions of unbeatable quality

Offer to your clients the ultimate value for money choices

Have the ability to offer bespoke, tailor-made Self Service Solutions even for a small number of units

Take advantage of our wide portfolio range that covers multiple industries

Collaborate with a company with 40 years of Self-Service expertise & experience

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