Self Service Payments

Fast, easy and safe self-service payments, with Unixfor’s APS!


Having 40 years experience in transaction automation and more than 1000 active Automated Payment Systems in the field, we know how to address the demand for secure, fast, multi-purpose self service payment transactions across different industries, including:

Public Utilities
Post Offices
Retail Shops

Let’s design new alternative automatic payment channels, which consist of:

Automated Payment Terminals

Select the appropriate kiosk, from our vast range of Automated Payment Systems

Total Care Platform

Total Care is the ultimate cloud-based platform for remote monitoring & management of your installed self service network


Our ready-to-run business application, specialized in payments, tailored to your requests

Customization & Integration Services

We’ll make sure to fine-tune, integrate and finalize the solution, based on your existing infrastructure

Detailed Presentation


Automated Payment Systems – APS series

APS Cashless

Cards only

APS Compact Series

Cash & Card - ECB 6 Compliant

APS Compact Plus Series

Modular design, Cash & Card

APS Power Series

Combination of ATM functionality and APS usefulness

Our cash-enabled Self Service Payment Kiosk Solutions are successfully tested for secure money handling and are in absolute compliance with ECB standards.

Our Multi-payment self service kiosk solutions automate any retail transaction, such as:

Bill Payments
Tax Payments
Loan Payments
Social Security Payments
Postal Payments
Credit Card Payments
Cash Deposit
Prepaid Card Recharge
Air Time Renewal
Features APS Cashless Aps Compact APS Compact Plus APS Power
Accepts card payments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accepts payments in banknotes No Insertion one by one Insertion one by one In bunch
Accepts payments in coins No Insertion one by one Insertion one by one In bulk
Returns change in coins No Yes Yes Yes
Returns change in banknotes No No Up to two denominations Up to 6 denominations, in bunch
Receipt printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECB6 compliant Yes Yes Yes

Benefits for the company/organisation

Increase revenue by operating 24/7

Expand your presence geographically

Use our solutions as an additional or individual service channel

Reorganize personnel to improve efficiency

Improve your company's image

Benefits for our partner

Expand your portfolio range with Self Service Solutions of unbeatable quality

Offer to your clients the ultimate value for money choices

Have the ability to offer bespoke, tailor-made Self Service Solutions even for a small number of units

Take advantage of our wide portfolio range that covers multiple industries

Collaborate with a company with 40 years of Self-Service expertise & experience

In order to learn more about our self service payment kiosk solutions and explore a pathway towards possible partnership, click on the button below and we’ll get back to you.