Self Service Document Handling

Meet our newest, revolutionary self-service solutions for

Document Generation and

Document Scanning & Deposit

Document handling made more feasible and easier than ever before!

A lot of today’s demanding tasks require managing large amounts of paper. Yet, there was still no self service document management kiosk solution on the market, due to practical & complexity issues. We proved them wrong!

Government to Citizen

Business to Consumer

Business to Employee

Who can benefit

State & Local Public Sector Institutions towards Citizens

Large Companies towards customers

HR Depts. of large Private/Public Organizations towards Employees

Colleges/Universities to Students/Faculty

Benefits for organization & customers

Increase revenue by operating 24/7

Minimize waiting times

Reduce management costs

Reorganize personnel to improve efficiency

Expand your portfolio range with Self Service Solutions of unbeatable quality

Improve your organization's image

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