Unixfor enables digital transformation of G2C services for Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior

Unixfor enables digital transformation of G2C services for Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior

As of November 2019 Kuwait’s citizens have enjoyed a drastic improvement in the way they transact with government. Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior (“MoI”) ambitious vision to provide an alternative 24×7 multipurpose self-service channel to its citizens had just come to life.

Unixfor, alongside Diyar, its long-time local strategic partner in the Middle East, was recognized by MoI as the go-to company to deliver a state-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose solution, which would allow the ministry to gradually automate a part of the services provided to its citizens. The solution had to be designed taking into account the need for 24×7 operation at various locations around the country, while also focusing on scalability, convenience and intuitive design to achieve wide acceptance by the public.

The service that was chosen for the pilot launch was Driving License Renewal. The disposal of an expired driving license, the cross-checking of driver’s information, the picture selection, the license renewal and finally, the acquisition of the new card, used to be a very time-consuming procedure. Now, all of the above can be completed within few minutes through an online platform which utilizes a network of fully automated self-service kiosks, designed and built by Unixfor, in order to help Kuwait’s citizens to effortlessly renew and obtain their driving license.

Unixfor’s ECDS kiosk is a state-of-the-art technology installation that offers unique self-service capabilities, utilizing secure authentication methods, for instant issuing and/or renewing of eID cards (contact & contactless smart cards), offering full color HDP printing, with advanced security features such as data encryption, RFID, ICC or magnetic stripe encoding, custom secure holographic HDP films & lamination.

Unixfor’s ECDS kiosks can now be found at Kuwait’s most popular malls, MoI’s Service Centers and Traffic License Departments, operating on a on a 24×7 basis. Over the course of just a few months, this new service has seen such success with high customer engagement scores, that Kuwait’s MoI has already proceeded with a scope expansion to also facilitate the annual process of renewing Vehicle Registration Certificates, thus significantly increasing the number of transactions serviced through kiosks and leading to the expansion of the network through additional kiosks.

Field-tested in numerous areas, with a proven track record in improving efficiency in service delivery, while also achieving high end-user acceptance, Unixfor’s ECDS card issuing solution can be a truly game-changing asset to various industries such as Government services (ID cards, driving licenses, Border Crossing Cards), Universities (student ID, personnel ID), Health services providers (Patient ID, Benefit card), Financial Institutions (payment or banking cards), Retail (Loyalty cards), Petrol Companies (Fleet cards) and large Corporates (Access cards).

For over 40 years, Unixfor has successfully helped companies differentiate, adapt and be leaders in an ever-changing market environment. Due to its deep expertise in B2C and G2C transaction automation, with numerous successful applications both in Greece and abroad, along with the breadth of its technological capabilities, Unixfor is now widely recognized as the go-to partner for businesses planning to achieve digital transformation through the adoption of high performance, tailored self-service channels.

Official launch of the project with the participation of Ministry of Interior officials
Ministry of Interior’s official video presenting the new solution